Mb3+ Black Angus Striploin

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    Price: 1.025.000 VNĐ
  • Status: Stocking
  • Packaging: 1kg
  • Product code: M0036
  • Approximate weight per piece: 3.7-6.1 kg

    This item is sold per whole piece or cut per customer request

    Steak portions: 300gr, 350gr, 500gr, etc.

    As item weight varies, please allow our team to confirm weight and price before payment.


Hotline: 0931-331-566


150 Day Grain Fed Verified Black Angus

With up to a 3+ marble score, our pure Black Angus beef is renowned for its consistently exceptional eating quality. Unleashing big flavour every time – guaranteed.

Breed: Verified Black Angus 
Hormones Free: Yes
Halal: Yes
EU Accredited: Yes

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