Our Brands

Greater Omaha Packaging is an established name in the high-end beef market. Established in 1920, Greater Omaha has followed the same traditions of thriving for the highest quality beef, with one of the highest Prime grading nationwide. Situated in the Omaha, Nebraska, the heart of the cornbelt had given GOP the advantage of excellent crop to grow their cattle. Working with the same farmers for generations, the company has been able to provide top quality Black Angus cattle for their productions. 


Genetics: Black Angus 

Feed: Corn

Grading: Prime & Certified Angus Beef (high choice)

Jack's Creek is an Australian business started back in 1947 by John Warmoll and his wife. Having farms located in the Victoria and New South Wales, Jack's Creek has seen major sucess in breeding Black Angus and Wagyu cross cattle for generations. Their Black Angus programs include a 120 day grain fed Angus and 150-200 days grain fed Black Angus which have won many awards including the ‘World’s Best Steak Producer’ for two consecutive years, as well as ‘World’s Best Fillet Steak’ 2017. Their 450-500 days Wagyu F1 and F3 programs are also exported to over 25 countries worldwide.

Genetics: Black Angus 

Feed: Grain

Grading: 120 days gf Mb2+ / 150 days gf Mb3+

Murray Pure, a fairly new brand to the market is a YG crossbred program located in the Upper Murray Valleys between the New South Wales and Victoria regions.