Our Farm

“For the Love of Leafy Greens"

Mr. Bob Allen

Since 1995…as an early pioneer in Vietnam, I, Bob Allen together with my wife Hue, founded Golden Garden fresh produce, the first branded Produce Company in Vietnam.
We are driven by our goal to be the innovators and market leader of fresh produce production and distribution in Vietnam 
The mandate or mission if you will, is to provide safe, clean, residue free (“Clean Greens”) and top quality fresh lettuces, herbs, baby vegetables, edible flowers, tomatoes and a range of other fresh products not native to or common in Vietnam. Many of the fresh veggies we take for granted today were pioneered by Golden Garden. 
We feel that the diversification of fresh produce in Vietnam by ourselves and many others have and is allowing Vietnam to become a small home away from home for many of our customers and expand the culinary opportunity in this rapidly evolving country. Italian parsleys, big beef tomatoes, jalapenos to name a few were produce with YOU, our customers, in mind. Whether you are staying at a 5 Star hotel or Resort, eating at your favorite high end restaurant , shopping at our retail outlets (VeGGy’s) or taking an international cruise stopping in for a quick visit we are here to serve You. 
Our produce are nourished by the highest quality of complete plant food that Germany and Holland can provide. Using special formulas, we feed the plants necessary micro-nutrients in precise amounts for natural, healthy and vigorous growth. This way, the plants take only what they need and therefore; no excess residue will be found in the finished products. 
Soilless technology used for the production of root products such as baby carrots and radishes among others are given frequent applications of a slow-release organic fertilizer to keep the mediums healthy and thriving with necessary micro-organisms.
Having a family of our own, we insist and emphasize on the importance of producing safe and clean green produce. Our techniques and methods are recognized by the Vietnamese Govt. as being the “right way to do things” and we work closely with the agricultural department with maintain the best agricultural methods and assisting other farmers and students throughout the country by conducting tours and training missions at our farms.  
We take pride in being sustainable by using NFT hydroponics systems to produce our lettuces and some leafy greens. Emphasis on being residue free and managing pests in a safe manner, we follow methods such as crop rotations, IPM and the inter-cropping of fresh herbs with our other products helps to lessen and dependence on pesticides.  If we must apply, first choices are bio-logical or derived from plants as in pyrethrum or other botanical formulations.
We are currently the only farm accredited with HACCP in Vietnam and are also Vietgap certified.
With our many years of experience, you can trust us to provide You with the best possible quality along with safety and the confidence you and your family expect and rightfully deserve.
Sincerely, Bob Allen