About Us

With 20 years in the Food and Beverage industry, we at Moc Thuy Trading Company have seen a lot of growth and development in an ever changing culinary world of Vietnam. From the first introduction of western produce and meats to cheeses and truffles to only the utmost premium outlets, we are now seeing a wide consumption of these products. The Vietnamese pallet has evolved to not only enjoy variety of international flavors, but to demand it.  We are proud to be part of these exciting changes to Vietnam!

As food trends evolve, we at Moc Thuy feel the need to expand beyond our core business: premium meats and fresh clean green produce.

Now, we proudly introduce to you Premier Foods Vietnam!

Premier Foods Vietnam is established to encompass not only our strengths and the core of our business but to create a platform to evolve and grow into other product ranges to meet your culinary needs. Our goal is to not only supply you the basics of “meats and potatoes”, but also more ingredients to take your creations to the next level of culinary creativity!