45 Day Dry Aged Greater Omaha CAB Ribeye

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45 Day Dry Aged Greater Omaha CAB Ribeye

45 Day Dry Aged Greater Omaha CAB Ribeye

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Portion Size 700g

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*Product is Halal Certified*

Our Greater Omaha Boneless Ribeye is worth bragging about.
Perfect texture, flavor and marbling on every single one of them.
There are only a few ways to make perfect better…and we think Dry Aging is one of them as it adds even more tenderness and distinct flavor only dry aging can create.

We only Dry Age the best USDA Certified Angus Beef Steaks.
Ours is exclusively sourced and air shipped chilled from Greater Omaha Packing, known for their high-quality beef for over 100 years. Their cattle are fed a corn-based, high-energy diet proven to increase marbling, tenderness, and juiciness, a quality standard we insist on for consistent and exceptional flavored beef.

45 days is perfect for nest level dry aging.
If you are experienced with Dry Aged Beef, this is for you.
You can expect unbelievable tenderness, paired with a fantastic Dry Age flavor and hints of sweetness from this special Corn-Fed Beef.

Source: Greater Omaha Packing - USA
Grading: Certified Angus Beef equivalent to AUS mb4
Average Weight: 580g (-/+ 50g)
Average Thickness: 4-5cm
Cooking Recommendation: Grilled, Cast Iron, Oven

Portioning & Custom Aging Services Available Upon Request
Weight range may vary by +/- 50gr
Sales Team Will Confirm Final Price After Purchase